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Layla Bali

A Rainbow in the Dark

& The Dream Catcher

Lisa Zarkin McHugh

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Lisa Zarkin McHugh strives to be the most efficiently active mom. She makes balancing life as a mom, wife, financial advisor, accountant, Zoo on Yoo, Inc. business owner; All Life Animal Rescue charity director, Published Author, and tennis player seem effortless. As the mother of three children, ages 13, 15 and 17 Lisa Zarkin McHugh feels blessed to help each of her children attain their independent goals while also fulfilling her own life's passion of writing.


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Layla Bali is an eleven year-old girl who sees things that others don’t. She knows that there are unexplained dangers in this world. When Layla’s dog, Molly, goes missing, Layla’s search for her leads her into strange new lands. Layla awakens to a noise in the middle of the night and meets Jasmine, a black cat from the land of Baismal. Layla can speak to Jasmine, and the two are transported to Baismal through a staircase of fire. Malkolm, the evil ruler of Baismal, kidnapped Molly. He wants revenge for the death of his family, but he does not know his family’s true fate. Layla and Jasmine must save Molly and end Malkolm’s reign of terror. When Layla accidentally transforms Jasmine from a housecat into a great black panther, she discovers that her words have magical power. Jasmine and Layla meet friends and enemies in their search for Molly, but many of the people Layla meets look like people she knew at home in the Middle Land. Even Kaleb, an attractive boy her age, looks very much like the boy she likes back home. Kaleb accompanies Layla and Jasmine as they continue their journey.


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Layla Bali and the Dream Catcher Faded B

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Layla Bali and the Dream Catcher.


Layla regularly has vivid dreams that feel extremely real. Sometimes others think she’s just got a wild imagination, but she knows she can communicate with them. After all, it’s not much different from the way she communicates with ghosts and animals.

On her golden thirteenth birthday, her sister gives her a gift that will change things forever.

She knows she’s been here before. Like déjà vu, and when her dreams turn into nightmares, things quickly take a turn for the worse. She comes face-to-face with an evil man from her past; and she is forced to fight for survival once again. The experience sends her through the darkest period of her young life. Will she make it out of this nightmare alive?

Layla’s brave journey takes her through many emotions. From experiencing her first kiss, twice, to learning a dark family secret; but throughout it all, she stays strong and never gives up!

My Book

Megan Jones - Amazon Customer

Such an amazing book. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Kudos to the author.

Audrey White - New York

Once you start reading this book, there is no way you can put it down. The story is very interesting and very soon this would a top selling book. Highly recommended to all book enthusiast out there.

Norman Reid - Amazon Customer

Want to have an amazing read and time, get this book. The main characters and the story itself is the reason why this book would be a good read to everyone. Highly recommended.


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